ItaliaImballaggio July-August 2023

  • Innovation in a breath (Atlanta Stretch)
  • Simplifying for improving (MG2)
  • Powered by Best packaging: Crealis, Bauli, Citterio
  • Plastic packaging
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Innovating with sustainability (and not only)
  • Packaging pasta in Mozambique: a success story (Altopack)
  • Progress in form-fill-seal (Volpak)
  • Narrow-Web Tag and Label Sustainability Portfolio (Sun Chemical)
  • Less material and energy savings (Aetna Group, Meypack)
  • Sophisticated technologies for managing complexity (WITTENSTEIN)
  • “Zero-defect” labels and packaging (Prati)
  • Disposable plates in recycled aluminium (Contital)

... and much more